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2021-06-17 10:50:02


Copy Service & Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 II


The global COVID-19 pandemic has led many businesses to change focus and find new work in unlikely places. One such story is that of German Fujifilm customer Copy Service, in Moenchengladbach. In spring 2020, the pandemic brought a temporary halt to all professional football across Europe, including the German Bundesliga. The season resumed after several weeks, but with one key ingredient missing - the fans.

全球的新冠疫情危机让许多企业改变了原来的销售重点,并在原来不太可能的地方找到新的工作机会:位于德国门兴格拉德巴赫的Copy Service公司,就是许许多多这样故事的其中一个的主人公。


With all crowds prohibited from football grounds, players and managers remarked at the bizarre feeling of playing football in empty stadiums - fortunately for one team, their supporters had a novel idea.


The Borussia Moenchengladbach supporters club came up with a plan of installing fan 'doubles' in the stands to give their team a sense of support during home matches, and they turned to Copy Service, a digital printing company with a proud 25-year history to make it happen.

门兴俱乐部的支持者门提出了一个在看台上安装粉丝“替身”的计划,以在主场比赛中为球队提供强大的支持感。在该方案获得批准后,他们立刻联系上拥有25年悠久历史的数字印刷公司Copy Service,以实现计划。

Copy Service produces a variety of goods, including posters, business cards, and brochures as well as offering a textile printing service. Like many other printers across the globe, they were impacted heavily by COVID-19. With workflow and typical print orders reducing, the chance to print thousands of a whole new product was a welcome boost.

Copu Service生产各种商品,包括海报、名片和小册子,并提供纺织品印刷服务。就像全球许多其他的印刷服务供应商一样,他们也受到来自新冠疫情的严重影响。随着工作流程的减少和普通打印订单的减少,能够获得数千幅全新产品的打印机会立刻受到全体公司员工的欢迎。

Owner, Antje Jindrich, offered to produce fan doubles for less than twenty Euros each. These were printed with UV inks, onto Forex - a rigid PVC substrate - using Fujifilm's Acuity LED 1600 II. Fans sent in portraits of themselves to Copy Service and also advised where they wanted their 'double' to be in the stadium. It was certainly not surprising that the fans mostly preferred their regular seats.

公司老板安捷·金德里奇对该项目的报价是以不到20欧元的价格生产粉丝的替身。通过使用富士的Acuity LED 1600 II打印机,将图像用UV油墨印刷到Forex(刚性PVC基材)上。球迷将自己的画像送到Copy Service公司,并告知后者希望自己的“替身”出现在体育场的哪个位置——球迷们往往喜欢自己的固定座位,这一点也不奇怪。 

As word cottoned on, the demand for this service grew. In the end, almost 19,000 'doubles' for Borussia Moenchengladbach's stadium were produced by Copy Service, in tandem with another company. News of this idea spread across Europe, with other professional teams from various countries deciding to do the exact same thing, and restoring a sense of colour and familiarity to the matches.

随着消息在球迷间的流传,越来越多的球迷加入其中,对该服务的需求不断增长。最终,Copy Service公司与另一家公司共同为门兴的主场体育馆生产了将近19000个“替身”。如此大规模的活动消息传遍了整个欧洲,来自各个国家的其他专业团队决定复刻同样的工作,从而恢复比赛的精彩颜色和球员们熟悉的感觉。

"The Acuity LED 1600 II was vital for this important project," says Jindrich. "We originally bought it because we were looking to expand into wide format print and needed a high-quality and versatile machine to do so. The Acuity seemed the most suitable model for this and we've been delighted with its performance. The past year has obviously been very tough for our business, and even aside from the pandemic there are other ongoing challenges. Print runs are getting ever-shorter and we're seeing increasing demand for specialist, customised print work. Having a machine with the versatility of the Acuity, as well as the excellent support from Fujifilm is hugely important to our continued success."

金德里奇说道:Acuity LED 1600 II对于这个重要项目至关重要。我们最初购买它是因为我们希望将自己的业务扩展到大幅面打印领域,因此需要一台高质量且多功能的机器。Acuity似乎是这个选择区间中最合适的机型,我们对它的性能感到满意。过去的一年显然对我们的业务来说非常艰难,并且我们发现市场对专业的定制印刷工作的需求也在不断增长···但是拥有Acuity这样一台功能敏锐且背后有富士公司出色支持,对于我们的持续成功至关重要。”

As longtime customers had to cancel orders, Copy Service found a unique way to support itself through the COVID-19 crisis. They are one of many companies who had to adapt throughout the pandemic, not only to protect themselves, but to help restore some familiarity in a much-changed world. We look forward to continuing to work with them, whatever the future holds.

——Nils Gottfried, Product Marketing Manager, Wide Format Inkjet Systems, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe

由于从前签订长期合作的客户不得不取消订单,因此Copy Service找到了一种独特的方式来应对新冠疫情危机。他们本身也是属于那种想要在疫情中生存就必须作出改变的众多公司之一,改变不仅是保护自己,也是为了在瞬息万变的世界中为自己保持一定的客户熟悉度。无论未来如何,我们也希望继续与他们合作。


Latex R2000 Plus & Coker Expo 

Hampshire-based Coker Expo will use the HP Latex R-Series printer to produce products for new large-format modular dynamic animated lightbox brand Huebox

位于汉普郡的Coker Expo将使用HP Latex R系列打印机为新的大幅面模块化动态动画灯箱品牌Huebox生产产品。

Coker Expo has invested in a new HP Latex R2000 Plus printer to support the launch of an innovative new business partnership. Set to launch to the market this spring, Huebox will deliver large-format modular dynamic animated lightbox systems designed to help bring static ../images to life and allow printed work to stand out in an increasingly digital world.

Coker Expo公司购买了新的HP Latex R2000 Plus打印机,只为支持建立新的业务合作伙伴关系。Huebox将于今年春季投放市场,提供大幅面模块化动态动画灯箱系统,旨在帮助静态图像也能栩栩如生,并使印刷作品在日益数字化的世界中脱颖而出。

Print quality must be extremely high in order for ../images to have the required impact in the Huebox lightbox, so Coker Expo turned to HP and its R-Series printer technology to ensure it could meet the task at hand.

为了使印刷出的图像在Huebox灯箱中能够获得真正需要的影响力,打印质量必须非常高,因此Coker Expo求助于HP及其R系列印刷技术,以确保可以满足手头的任务。

The HP Latex R2000 Plus was purchased from and installed by HP reseller ADAPT at Coker Expo's facility in Hampshire, ahead of Huebox's official launch later this spring.

HP Latex R2000 Plus购买自HP经销商ADAPT并由其在汉普郡Coker Expo的工厂安装,并于今年春季晚些时候正式启动Huebox的印刷工作。

The HP Latex R2000 Plus printer is a true hybrid for flexible and rigid printing, accommodating materials up to 2.5-metres wide and up to 125px thick. With high production speeds of between 45 and 100 square metres per hour, paired with quality print-output, the printer can easily create graphics on a wide range of roll-fed, rigid and flexible substrates without having to compromise on quality.

HP Latex R2000 Plus是真正的混合印刷设备,可进行柔性和刚性基材的打印工作,最大可容纳2.5m宽,5mm厚的材料。打印机每小时的生产速度在45㎡至100㎡之间,不论是各种卷筒进纸、刚性还是柔性基材上都可以创建图形,并且不必牺牲打印质量,具有高品质的打印输出。

Ashley Coker, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Coker Expo, said having a reliable printer with guaranteed print quality in place is critical to ensuring a successful launch of the new partnership with Huebox.

Coker Expo的所有者兼首席执行官阿什利·柯克尔表示,拥有可靠的打印机并确保到位的打印质量对于成功启动并维护与Huebox刚刚确立的合作关系来说至关重要。

"We chose this machine as HP Latex is by far the frontrunner in printing technology," Coker said. "We always make a point of buying the best machinery. The HP Latex R2000 has the largest colour gamut on the market; it is incredibly versatile and fits the bill perfectly.

我们选择这台机器是因为HP Latex有着迄今为止最为领先的印刷技术。柯克尔说道,“我们总是着眼于购买最好的机器,而HP Latex R2000拥有市场上最广的色域,各项功能极其强大,非常适合我们。”

"Coker Expo has partnered with Huebox to deliver the highest quality lightbox solutions to the market. As the HP Latex R2000 is such a dynamic piece of printing kit, we are excited about what we can achieve."

Coker ExpoHuebox合作,向市场提供了最优质的灯箱解决方案。鉴于HP Latex R2000是一种动态的打印装置,非常考验使用者的技术,我们为能完美实现目标而感到兴奋。 

Coker Expo has a tremendous amount of experience working in the display market, with the family-run business having started out as Coker Colour, a photographic company that specialised in large-format printed work.

Coker Expo在展示道具市场上拥有丰富的合作经验,其背后是家族公司Coker Colour,最初就是专门从事大幅面印刷工作的摄影公司。

Over the years, the influx of digital print technology meant the company evolved into a diversified business offering a wide range of print and related services, including exhibition stands, counters and banners.


Coker said the decision to partner with Huebox, and the purchase of the HP Latex R2000, reflects Coker Expo's drive to adapt to the changing market and expand its range of services available to customers.

柯克尔说,与Huebox合作的决定以及购买HP Latex R2000的举动,反映了Coker Expo为适应不断变化的市场并扩大向客户提供的服务范围而做出的努力:

“Investment in the new HP Latex R2000 is a big statement from us, as we move back towards a focus on print and large-format display production," Coker said. "We want to showcase the quality of our history alongside our adaptability, and the HP R2000 allows us to do just this.

对新的打印机的投资是我们的一项重要声明,意味着我们将生产重点转向大幅面印刷和大幅面展示道具的生产。我们希望在这些新的领域展示我们历史达到的优秀品质以展示我们的适应性。HP R2000允许我们做到这一点。

Tied in with this modern approach to work is a strong commitment to the environment, and Coker said the HP Latex R2000 also fits in with this green-minded ethos.

与这种现代工作方法紧密结合的是对环境保护的坚定承诺,柯克尔表示,HP Latex R2000也符合这种绿色理念。

By purchasing HP Latex technology, we are not only guaranteeing ourselves best of breed print, but also environmentally friendly, sustainable production," Coker said. "Coker Expo is 100% committed to this way of working and as we head into a post-Covid world, this will remain a core focus for us.

通过购买HP Latex技术,我们不仅保证为自己提供最好的印刷品,而且还保证了对环境的友好以及可持续的生产。Coker Expo致力于100%的环保工作方式,并且随着世界进入后疫情模式,这仍然是我们的核心重点。

"This is also the case with Huebox; being able to print on sustainable materials and dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner is hypercritical. It means we are doing our bit in a sector that is not usually credited for its planet friendliness.


EFI Pro 30f & Linemark


Upper Marlboro, Md.-based printing business Linemark is expanding its display graphics offerings, delivering greater substrate selection and product choices to its customers using an EFI™ Pro 30f UV LED flatbed printer from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. With its high-quality output, opaque white ink and versatile “cool cure” UV LED curing technology, the new flatbed printer gives the Washington, D.C.-metro area print business the ability to produce new applications, reduce cycle time and replace revenue losses created by the pandemic.

总部位于马里兰州上马尔伯勒的印刷公司Linemark正在使用Electronics For Imaging公司的EFI Pro 30f UV LED平板打印机为其客户提供更多的基材选择和产品选择,并提供高质量的输出。这款新型平板打印机具有不透明的白色墨水和多功能的“冷固化”UV LED固化技术,使得Linemark这家位于华盛顿特区的区域型业务企业能够生产新的产品,减少生产周期时间并弥补因为疫情造成的收入损失。

There is momentum to support growth in large format,” said David Ashton, a partner at Linemark responsible for the company’s business development. “Demand declined in 2020 for large format overall, largely due to cancellation of events and conferences. But we know the volume is coming back in 2021, and we wanted to be prepared.


The printer – which Linemark purchased from authorized EFI distributor Nazdar SourceOne® – delivers high productivity and image quality at a competitive price, with four colors plus dual channels of white and multi-layer printing capabilities. An EFI Fiery®proServer Core digital front end is included for the ultimate in processing speed and color quality.

LinemarkEFI授权的分销商Nazdar SourceOne公司购买打印机,后者一直以具有竞争力的价格提供高生产率和图像质量。EFI Pro 30f UV LED具有四种颜色以及白色和多层打印的双通道功能,包含EFIFiery Pro ServerCore数字前端,可实现极高的处理速度和色彩质量。

The printer, which supports media up to 4 inches (10 cm) thick, features EFI’s UltraDrop™ Technology with variable grayscale 7 to 21 picoliter drop sizes for excellent color gradients and smoothing capability. Its large bed size delivers a maximum printable area of 120 x 80 inches (3.05 x 2.04 m) and bleed printing, with express mode maximum speed of up to 2,130 square feet (198 square meters) per hour at up resolutions up to 1,200 dots per inch.

该打印机支持厚度高达250px的基材,由于采用了EFI UltraDrop技术,具有7-21皮升的可变灰度,这意味着出色的色彩梯度和平滑的打印能力。机器的超大机床可提供3.05m*2.04m的最大可打印区域,快速模式的最高打印速度为每小时198㎡,最高分辨率可达1200/英寸。


Outstanding versatility for premium wall art


While Linemark has felt the pandemic’s impact in work for trade shows and events, with the EFI Pro 30f flatbed printer the company is expanding its capabilities, recovering a good portion of lost business by fulfilling wall art orders that come to Linemark online through partnerships with popular online craft marketplaces. “Our print-on-demand wall art business has exploded,” Ashton explained. “People are nesting at home and redecorating. They are looking at the four walls of their homes and wanting something different.

虽然Linemark感受到了疫情对于贸易展览和活动的影响,但借助EFI Pro 30f平板打印机,该公司反而正扩其产品线。通过与知名品牌建立合作关系,在线完成客户在线上工艺品市场给Linemark下达的壁画订单,足以挽回大部分业务损失。阿什顿解释说:“由于疫情人们无法外出,更多的人正在对家里进行改造。他们盯着房屋内早已看腻的四面墙,想要一些与众不同的东西。”

Linemark prints on a wide range of substrates, including acrylic, foam board and Dibond®. “The Dibond aluminum composite sheet, specially optimized for display, makes stunning wall art, and being able to print on that, including with white ink, has been a big boost to our wall art business,” said Steve Bearden, Linemark’s president.


The vast majority of our direct mail customers also have work printed on our Pro 30f,” Bearden added. “Not only do we produce direct mail to promote meetings and events, but we also produce clients’ signage for their conference booths. This one-stop approach has been enabled by our EFI Pro 30f. And our clients have certainly noticed the boost in quality.

“我们的绝大多数直邮广告客户也都通过EFI Pro 30f打印了产品。”比尔登补充说,“我们不仅制作直邮广告来促进各项会议和活动,而且还为客户制作在其展位上标牌。我们的EFI Pro 30f启用了这种一站式方法。这种方法带来的质量提高也为客户所看到。”

The quality and productivity are phenomenal


Linemark had been doing wide format flatbed work previously, but with a printer that had neither the productivity nor the white ink the company needed to capture more work. “Our Nazdar sales rep called us and brought us samples from various flatbed and hybrid printers,” said Bearden. “The EFI Pro 30f was the clear choice. The quality and productivity are phenomenal.”

Linemark以前一直在进行宽幅平板印刷工作,但是由于打印机既缺少生产能力,也没有白色墨水,因此对公司捕获更多的工作机会造成阻碍。比尔登说:“我们合作的Nazdar销售代表与我们联系,并从各种平板打印机和混合打印机中挑选样品带给我们。EFI pro 30f是不二之选,其质量和生产率都是惊人的。”

Printing on acrylic has also been a growth area for the company, especially during the pandemic, and the EFI Pro 30f printer is ideal for those jobs, as well as for work on other substrates.

新的打印机能够在亚克力上打印也是让Linemark获得增长的一个领域。尤其是在疫情期间,EFI Pro 3f打印机是在亚克力以及其他防疫基材上作业的理想选择。

The printer’s six-zone, user-selectable vacuum system ensures efficient hold-down for no unintended media movement, Plus, the printer requires less heat for curing or drying compared with traditional UV inkjet or latex printers, making it ideal for Linemark to print on corrugated boards that could otherwise warp under high heat and create damaging head strikes during the printing process. Non-profit sector clients especially benefit from the corrugated capability, as Linemark is using the Pro 30f printer to help those clients stand out with premium-quality gift boxes sent to their high-value donors.

打印机的六区位置,用户可选真空系统以确保有效的固定,不会发生意外的基材移动。此外,与传统的UV喷墨或乳胶打印机相比,该打印机只需要较少的热量就可以进行固化或干燥,因此非常适合Linemark的瓦楞纸板打印业务——如果在高温下进行固化或干燥,瓦楞纸板非常容易弯曲并在打印过程中造成打印头的撞击与损坏。一些非盈利组织非常受益于瓦楞纸打印的功能,因为Linemark使用Pro 30f打印机帮助他们脱颖而出,向他们的大额捐助者寄送高品质的礼物盒。

Mimaki & Banner Box


New Mimaki printers from CMYUK will further enhance the customer experience


Banner Box Print Solutions is more than ready for the next phase of its 25-year tenure. Through CMYUK it has upgraded its Mimaki print capabilities, invested in a CNC router and migrated to a new dedicated factory space.

Banner Box印刷公司为营业25年之后的下一阶段做好了充分准备。通过CMYUK,他们升级到Mimaki的打印产品,投资了数控雕刻机,并迁移到了新的专用工厂空间。

These major changes reflect the Banner Box vision as it moves forward. A key focus is to expand its hard signage solutions service – driven by the increasing demands of the company’s print and signage trade customers.

这些重要的改变反映出Banner Box向前不断发展的愿景。在一系列补强中,公司的重点是扩大所提供的硬质标牌解决方案服务,这是由于公司印刷和标牌贸易客户的需求不断增长所致。

“Over the years we have established a reputation for Banner Box across all areas of signage and wide format digital print. We have a very experienced team specialising in rigid printing, and we have significantly invested in new equipment allowing us to offer an even better service,” says Director, Ryan Shelton.

多年来,我们在标牌和大幅面数字印刷的所有领域窦唯Banner Box赢得了良好的声誉。我们拥有一支经验丰富的专门从事硬质材料印刷的团队,并且已经在新设备上进行了大量的投资,从而是我们能够提供更好的服务。Banner Box</sp

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