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2021-06-17 9:30:48


First impressions count and whether working on behalf of a client or developing your own branding campaign, Signs Express can provide high quality sign and graphic solutions for your next branding project, promotional campaign or event preparation.


Click Consult


Signs Express (Liverpool North and Wirral) has recently completed a new range of signage for long standing client Click Consult.


The Liverpool sign makers began working with the award winning SEO and PPC experts 12 years ago when the company was still a small start-up business. Over that time, Signs Express has provided a full range of signage including engraved signs, window graphics, directional signs and interior acrylic motivational messages, all of which were produced in house.
The sign makers have worked with a number of materials, matching these to the job and the environment, ensuring that the finished result works perfectly in its setting. With such a forward thinking company, design is vital and so the Liverpool team worked closely with Click Consult to ensure their signs were both practical and pleasing to the eye.


Most recently, Signs Express has provided acrylic wall mounted signage and vinyl window graphics in five different colours of the company's distinctive logo. The acrylic signs were cut out on the sign maker's in-house engraving machine, allowing for high precision, sharp results. These vibrant signs look fantastic and strengthen the branding across the business' premises.
Signs Express (Liverpool North and Wirral) are proud to have worked with Matt from the company's humble beginnings, providing advice and high quality signage over the years, as well as assisting with a full range of signage when the business expanded to its new premises in Chester.
Commenting on the work undertaken for them, Matt Bullas said: 'I am more than happy with the service and products supplied by Signs Express and would have no hesitation in recommending or using them again.'
Signs Express (Liverpool North and Wirral) offer a comprehensive range of signs and graphics solutions to customers in and around Liverpool and the Wirral including Bebington, Birkenhead and Wallasey. The centre specialises in commercial engraving which is ideal for manufacturing environments including power stations and the food industry. With over 30 years' experience in this field, the highly trained team can engrave plaques, labels, industrial process diagrams and even cut letters and shapes in-house for durable, accurate sign solutions.



Manchester's Citylabs


Signs Express (Manchester) worked to deliver bespoke signage solutions for the prominent Citylabs building in central Manchester to achieve high prominence signage for this flagship biomedical centre of excellence.


As a Signs Express (Manchester) client for over 15 years, property management experts Bruntwood, have commissioned us for many projects around the Manchester area but this commission was particularly high profile - to create an inner-city prominence at the CityLabs building.
The project comprised of two high level illuminated LED signs which were installed on the face of the glass elevations and a ground level monolith sign which was also internally illuminated and powered purely by solar.


CityLabs is a biomedical science centre of excellence and also a Grade 2 listed building and so the signage needed to represent the prestigious nature of the building and the organisation within it.
Each of the large fascia signs span 7 mtrs long x 1 mtr high and are fixed to a bespoke design made fabricated structure which was installed over the parapet of the building. Sample brackets needed to be manufactured and tested to make sure the framework structure would sit nice and tight and be secure to the building. Each sign was manufactured in sections to allow us to take it through the building up the internal staircase to the roof and install via rope access in a safe environment.
Signs Express (Manchester) coordinated the entire project to ensure the signs manufacture, electrical supply and our partners IRATA trained Industrial abseil team, all came together at the same time to meet the client’s installation deadline and deliver the overall project.
Our role included:

· Design concept/drawings

· Structural engineer process

· Sample testing

· Manufactured

· Coordinating

· Deliverance








"Our requirement for high level signage posed several challenges including finding a structural fixing solution and changing of our brand design at late notice. Signs Express was efficient and pro-active in dealing with these issues and delivered illuminated signage at Citylabs that we can be proud of and provides excellent building prominence that was previously lacking." Robert Stirling BSc (Hons) MSc, Development Surveyor - Manchester City Centre
The second project at this prominent building was to provide an attractive and visual ground level signage solution which clearly identified the entrance to Citylabs without disturbing the facade of the building or its immediate area with the need for power. This was achieved by specifying a double sided 3mm aluminium free-standing monolith at 2m tall with fret cut acrylic inlays and vinyl detail to the face of the panels.
The integrated solar panel means that the sign has great visibility at night and the surrounding area was preserved as it was installed by mounting into the existing paved floor utilising a steel framework.
"After the building was officially opening, we required an external monolith but without disturbing the existing finished ground works. We asked Signs Express Manchester to help us manufacture and install a Solar powered monolith which they achieved and now looks great placed outside the main Entrance." Robert Stirling BSc (Hons) MSc, Development Surveyor - Manchester City Centre
Signs Express Manchester centre owner Lee Eaton said, "We're extremely proud of our work as it will be highly visible for years to come in the centre of Manchester. It needed our ingenuity, experience, project management and specification skills to bring all of the elements of the project together but we showed how we're able to deliver and why we're one of the best sign companies in the country."




After collaborating with award winning graphic design agency, Toucan Graphic Design, Rowcroft Hospice needed to engage a company that could provide signage solutions to bring their new brand to life. Having previously worked successfully with Toucan, Signs Express (Exeter) was an obvious choice. In addition to providing a range of interior and exterior signs, the project was also logistically challenging, needing to be completed in just one weekend.



Rowcroft Hospice had an overwhelmingly positive response to the re-brand and the signage helped them meet many of their original objectives.


·   Patients and their families commented on how much easier it was to find their way around the Hospice with the new signage in place. In addition, the bright colourful nature of the outdoor signs lifted the feel of the site.

· 患者和他们的家人评论说,有了新的指示牌,在疗养院中找到方向变得容易了许多。此外,新的户外标牌明亮多彩的外观提升了整体的氛围。

·   Their shops have become more identifiable on busy high streets and the charity as a whole has a much stronger identity.

· 在繁忙的大街上,疗养院的门店变得更加容易被识别,整个慈善组织的影响力也更加强大起来。

·   The livery on the vehicles increases the recognition of their brand and importantly, it really helps encouraging road users let them out into traffic!

· 工用车辆的涂装,提高了品牌的知名度,重要的是,它确实有助于其他司乘人员在紧急情况下给其让道!

Rowcroft Hospice serves the people of South Devon by providing specialist care to patients with progressive, life limiting illnesses. They're not just about beds, cancer and last days; they're about living, family, friends, community, and reconciliation, coping and not coping.

They support and enable people to carry on when, perhaps, at the time carrying on seems unthinkable. They are passionate about 'taking care further'.
With a primary aim of re-enforcing their brand identity, Rowcroft Hospice contacted Toucan Designs to help them achieve their objectives.
Toucan Design are an award winning web design and graphic design agency, based in Exeter, Devon. They deliver a complete and bespoke creative service to businesses operating in a diverse range of sectors at an international, national and regional level.
Rowcroft Hospice selected Toucan to undertake the branding project after interviewing a number of South West based creative agencies. They were particularly impressed with Toucan's collaborative approach, feeling that this would sit well with the diverse group of Hospice stakeholders - from clinicians, therapists and support workers, to trustees, fundraisers and volunteers.

During a series of brand workshops with these various stakeholders a number of key brand values were discussed and agreed. They were: high quality; people-focused; patient-focused; bold / progressive; caring; innovative; sector leaders. With these key attributes as the starting point, a fresh new brand identity was developed.
The new brand identity was applied to a wide range of communications materials, from patient leaflets, to fund-raising material and from a complex website to staff uniforms and signage.
Toucan Graphic Design commissioned Signs Express (Exeter) to produce the signage for Rowcroft Hospice following their extensive rebrand. Signs Express had worked with Toucan for more than five years, primarily in collaboration with Exeter City Football Club.
This was one of the biggest projects worked on with Toucan and provided a real logistical challenge, needing to be completed in just one weekend.
The needs of Rowcroft Hospice and Toucan Design were central throughout the development of the project. Emphasis was placed on providing the client with multiple options, narrowing the selection based on effective budget usage and overall impact.
he end result was a variety of internal and external signs for the hospice itself and Rowcroft's shops that looked bright, welcoming and professional, communicating the updated brand values of Rowcroft Hospice effectively.
'The rebrand of Rowcroft Hospice has been one of the most rewarding in our company's 13 year history. At Rowcroft Hospice we found a wonderful team of hard-working professionals who were passionate to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients.
The aim of the new brand is to reflect Rowcroft's values and to be as memorable and eye-catching as possible in order to appeal to the diverse stakeholders. We are delighted with the outcome and can only thank the people at Rowcroft who so whole-heartedly embraced the process - the brand couldn't have come to life as it did without their hard work and commitment.'

Josh Beadon, Toucan's Creative Director



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