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2021-01-18 18:03:03


Scanlite are a leading manufacturer of bespoke LED displays. We have been in business for over 40 years, with our head office in Blackpool UK. We serve a global customer base and a growing digital market. Digital displays are more popular and affordable than ever, this is because RGB screens have been introduced. Purchases and leases have now become more attractive as well.


We’re incredibly proud of over 40,000 Scanlite displays working hard for businesses across the UK and beyond. From bespoke projects to single line ticker tapes, we’ve created LED excellence for thousands of well known brands around the world.


Scanlite supply a variety of digital display screens, which allow you to tell a story, build a strong brand image and catch the attention of new potential customers. We communicate with our clients all the way through the process, from concept to commissioning. We also offer the most cost-effective solution for your needs.


From ticker displays, to full LED video walls, simple time & temperature and factory displays, to rich content LED scoreboards, and whether you only need to rent an LED Display, or you want your signage to be a permanent fixture, Scanlite can tailor a range of digital signage solutions to meet your needs.


Make your Reception Area More Welcoming



As you may know, we have recently moved our headquarters to a different area of Blackpool. This has been an exciting time for our team, the new location has meant we have a lot more room to display digital signage full time.


If you have clear space and are wondering that to do with it, digital signage could be the answer. Not only will it fill space but they will give a modern feel that is easily changed depending on the environment it’s installed within.


Often people see digital signage as being a long term and permanent decision, if this is something that doesn’t appeal to you – an idea is to hire a screen to sit in your reception area if you’re holding an event.


Reception areas are the first impression a potential client receives, if it is welcoming and intriguing – a positive experience will be associated with your brand. Your reception area should represent your business, digital signage represents change and gives a modern impression of your company.


Studies suggest that you have around 7 seconds to make a good first impression, whether you’re meeting someone or they’re entering your building. That time is crucial and digital signage makes an impact in a matter of seconds.



As I have previously mentioned, digital signage can benefit your reception area in many ways – whether that’s to inform visitors of Covid-19 information, advertise or provide sponsored content. Your digital signage will be catered to you.


Help Your Business Open Safely During Covid-19



There is evidence that digital signage will play an increased role in the office, particularly in healthcare environments. Digital displays, prior to lockdown, were quickly becoming a staple within modern workplaces. For the last few months, screens have been turned off and employees have worked from home. With dates now announced for shops, car dealerships etc. to re-open, it’s never been more important to consider how to improve your brand.



Throughout lockdown you will have seen important signage pinned onto corridor walls, making sure that good hygiene practice and social distancing is in the forefront of peoples minds. This has proven to work effectively; digital graphics have been shared around social media platforms as well. The presence of these messages reminds and calms fears, making rules very clear.


With measures still in place and Covid-19 lingering around the world – it is vital that we don’t forget the importance of information being distributed in the correct places. Static signage has been a big help during the pandemic, however with rules and recommendations changing frequently – static signage is not a cost-effective solution.


Digital signage allows you to change your message as frequently as you desire, whether you want to push health and safety or let your customers know about a new option on your menu. Technology has certainly been tested during this crisis, showing that digital signage has no limits.


You may have noticed Scanlite talking about one of our new signage solutions, the Platinum LCD Hand Sanitiser Display. In areas where hygiene is key, and hand washing facilities are not available, our hand sanitiser display is ideal. This display combines a hand sanitising station with a versatile digital signage solution, making the perfect combination of two pieces of essential technology. Offering customers hand sanitiser and other PPE as they enter your business will build customer confidence.


What do you need to know about DOOH?



You may have seen the word DOOH around as you’ve been looking for digital signage; this is because it stands for digital out-of-home. DOOH is a way of promoting media in a public space or outside area, you won’t have realised how many of them you walk by daily. Once you learn what DOOH is, you’ll be spotting them everywhere you go.


Digital signage can often be seen in places like airports, hotels and universities. The reason they are commonly used in these environments is because they are the perfect way to share information, quickly and efficiently.


Not only can they provide general information, but they are a fantastic way to advertise as well. I think the best way to make you understand what DOOH is, is by saying the words Times Square. Those huge screens, providing the most eye catching and famous display of digital signage. So why doesn’t your business have one?


Digital advertising hasn’t always been seen as a necessary marketing step, however now we are in the year 2020. Modern technology is becoming a necessity, if you want your business to thrive and stand out. Between 2016 and 2023, global digital out-of-home industry is expected to grow from $3.6 Billion to $8.4 Billion.




In previous years the term DOOH was just, OOH. But as companies become smarter and more data-driven, the world of DOOH seems far more appealing than a standard large poster board.


We understand OOH can initially be the ‘cheaper’ option; However, DOOH is massively cost effective. Digital signage is not for one time use and can be transported to different locations as well. Our screens can be made weather proof too; you will not have to worry about the next weather report when placing your screen in a public place.



There are many pros to digital signage; it depends on your companies USP as to what you may want to use digital signage for. Multiple ads can be displayed on a screen, which means your advertisement isn’t being used for one purpose. This will save you money in the long run, as you won’t be spending on print or paying for multiple advertisers. Our digital signage is energy efficient as well.


The diversity of digital out-of-home offers brands mass coverage and scale, our screens allow you to target certain audiences going about their everyday lives.


The Shift From Traditional To Digital



Go beyond listing static showtimes. Play trailers, promote reviews, feature cast profiles and more with the power of LED digital theatre signage.


Theatres are having to take action and replace their static posters and message boards that are no longer making an impact with consumers and employees with LED digital signage technology. Digital theatre signage is the most dynamic way to move with the times and keep theatre-goers paying to watch the latest shows and movies at their local theatres.


With digital signage,  theatres can display content in static or video graphic formats to promote the latest films or show adverts, feature reviews and interview quotations, combine visuals with data for pricing or menu boards and introduce way finding facilities for concessions, toilets and seat finding info.



Think about the time customers spend queuing both inside and out, paying for tickets, waiting for snacks… Capitalise on this time by using digital theatre signage to promote everything your venue has to offer whilst you have their attention captured. Digital signage plays a vital role in showing promotions and adverts and putting them in front of the customer. A lot of brands are recognising that traditional media no longer resonates with the majority of their customers, which prompts these brands to invest in new marketing technologies to keep sales on the rise.



There is no better time to entice your customers to book a future performance than when they are just leaving another. By introducing interactive digital theatre signage boards, you are offering your customers a quick and easy solution to book a ticket for the next show, helping your foyer staff serve those customers who really need that extra help. Digital signage cuts queues, saves time and boosts sales. What more could you want?


Digital signage gives theatres the opportunity to reflect seasonal occasions with themed video content, graphics, animations and even promotional offers. For example, consider an animation with snow falling and Christmas music sounding for your video wall in your foyer, or an animated egg hunt on your interactive touch screen signage for Easter time. The key is to create bold imagery, eye-catching graphics and high-quality videos on your digital screens. This is such a great marketing tactic to increase engagement and encourage sales.



Digital theatre signage is an extremely effective medium for internal communications. Keep your screens up to date with industry updates, timetable’s and shifts, administrative information, and even relevant news coverage.



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