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2018/7/9 9:38:44




APA reports that the new innovations that it unveiled at the recent FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin, where they were displayed on the company’s futuristic stand, were a big hit with visitors.


In addition to the new intense colours of the APAWrapFilm series, APA also introduced a collection of wrapping films featuring special effects, plus a new hi-tech T-Shirt film range, which can be thermally transferred to fabrics and customised with any design.

除了APA WrapFilm系列新的颜色之外,APA还推出了一系列具有特殊效果的薄膜,以及一种新型高科技T恤系列薄膜,可将其热转印到面料上,并根据任何设计进行个性化定制。

Also on display was the Overtop series, the latest-generation films offering multiple textured and matt effects, which are designed to cover kitchen worktops and furniture and which can also be used for a host of other decorative applications.


As usual, one of the most eagerly-anticipated events on APA’s stand was the live vehicle wrapping demonstrations, which enabled visitors to discover more about the art of customisation using APA’s latest material collections.


Many visitors were also attracted by the APA Truck decorated tarpaulin, which featured the only original, permanent, self-adhesive cast film that can be printed and plotter cut for use on curtain-sided vehicles.





The image shows Anthony Byrne, CoverUp Operations Director, holding EFI plaque for the 100th installed EFI VUTEk FabriVU Series printer at FESPA Global Print Expo 2018。
Covering在2018 FESPA展会上亮相第100台EFI VUTEk FabriVU系列打印机。

 The world’s first EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i soft signage printer, which, coincidentally, is also the 100th VUTEk FabriVU aqueous soft-signage printer to be sold, has been ordered by CoverUp in Dublin. Delivery is scheduled for the end of May, two weeks after the printer’s debut at FESPA 2018 in Berlin.

这是世界上第一台EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i软标牌打印机,也是第100台VUTEk FabriVU水性软标牌打印机,将由都柏林的CoverUp负责订购,在 2018 FESPA上首次亮相两周后,定于5月底交货。

CoverUp’s new printer is an advanced, 3.4-metre wide aqueous dispersed dye ink printer that builds on the original 340 model with the addition of a heated platen and vapour extractor for inline fixation of direct-printed textiles. It offers high printing speed at all quality levels, while using less floor space than would be required with separate printing and sublimation stations. All of the EFI VUTEk FabriVU models draw on the experience and technology of EFI Reggiani in Italy, which has specialised in textile printing systems for more than 70 years.

CoverUp的新型打印机是一种先进的、3.4米宽、含水分散染料墨水打印机,其原型为340型,新型设备增加了加热台板和蒸气萃取器,可直接固定、直接印花。此外,它在各种质量水平下,均可提供高打印速度,同时使用的面积要少于单独打印和升华所需的面积。所有EFI VUTEk FabriVU机型都吸取了意大利EFI Reggiani的经验和技术,该公司70多年来都专注于纺织打印领域。

 The big attraction for CoverUp regarding the new FabriVU is the printer’s efficiency, with its combination of quality at high speed and inline heat fixation. “Quite honestly, we were struggling before EFI showed it to us,” said Anthony Byrne, the company’s Operations Director. “We looked at some other direct textile printers, but some needed a separate calendar unit, which doesn’t really suit our needs in business. At a demonstration in Italy we found this model created the best quality, especially when printing solid colours.”

关于新型FabriVU打印机的巨大吸引力在于它的效率——高速质量和在线热固定相结合。 该公司运营总监Anthony Byrne说:“坦率地说,在EFI向我们展示给我们之前,我们有过一些挣扎,我们研究了一些其他的纺织印花机,有些需要独立的单元,这并不能真正满足我们的业务需求,但是,在意大利的一次演示中,我们发现这种模式可以创造很好的质量,特别是在打印纯色制品的时候。”

CoverUp was founded in 1976 and originally specialised in making PVC-nylon fitted covers, for machinery, boats, vehicles and industrial plants. Local companies started sending large format printed banners to be finished on the same equipment, and so a logical step in 2004 was for CoverUp to invest in its own large-format printers and to offer a trade service. “We sell to other printers, mainly, who don’t have such large machines as ours,” explained Byrne.

CoverUp成立于1976年,最初专门制造用于机械、船舶、车辆和工业厂房的PVC尼龙盖。 在公司进行大幅面打印的横幅在同一台设备上完成后,从2004开始,他们让CoverUp投资自己的大幅面打印机并提供贸易服务。Byrne释说: “我们向其他打印商销售,主要是他们还没有像我们这样的大型机器。”

Today CoverUp produces flags and banners of all sizes and shapes, backlit graphics, soft signage and building wraps, as well as printed or unprinted fitted covers. Customers mainly come from within Ireland, but the products are used internationally, especially in exhibition graphics. The company operates two sites in the Dublin area, in Sandyford and Clondalkin, where it employs 16 full-time and two part-time staff.


The new FabriVU 340i is CoverUp’s first purchase from EFI and will be installed in the Clondalkin site with the intention of adding capacity to its existing line-up of UV-cure and dye-sublimation printers. The company’s new addition will primarily be used for direct-to-textile printing of flags and banners, but it will also explore other possible applications, including garment work.

新型FabriVU 340i是CoverUp首次从EFI购买的设备,安装在Clondalkin厂,目的是增加现有UV固化和热升华打印机产品线的产能。该公司的新增产品将主要用于纺织印花的旗帜和横幅,同时也将探索其他可能的应用,包括服装业务。



TIGER-1800B MKII功能被增强

Mimaki has announced that its production-class Tiger-1800B digital textile printer family has been enhanced with new features and capabilities as the company continues to drive higher quality in digital textile printing.


The Tiger-1800B MkII, which is making its debut at FESPA 2018 in Berlin this week, offers an additional high-quality mode at 1,200dpi and several enhancements to improve quality, including reduction of banding and other printing defects.

在2018 FESPA展会上,首次亮相的Tiger-1800B MkII以1,200dpi的速度提供了额外的高质量模式,并在此基础上提高了质量,包括减少条带和其他打印缺陷。

The Tiger-1800B MkII printers, which are available in two models for direct to textile and heat transfer sublimation, are distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services and, for those not visiting FESPA, a direct-to-textile Mimaki Tiger-1800B commissioned with reactive dyes for printing to natural fabrics, can be exclusively viewed at the company’s headquarters in Crewe.

Tiger-1800B MkII打印机有两种型号,可用于直接纺织和热转印升华,由混合服务公司在英国和爱尔兰分销,对于那些未来到FESPA展会的用户,Mimaki Tiger-1800B 用活性染料印染天然织物的过程,可在公司克鲁总部进行观摩。

Visitors to the Mimaki stand at FESPA 2018 (Stand D20/D30, Hall 1.2) will be able to see a wide range of solutions including the Tiger-1800B MkII, which prints at up to 385 square metres per hour and can cover a wide production range, from sample making, to short to medium print runs. An additional 1,200dpi print mode is available for enhanced print quality.

在D20 / D30,1.2号展台上,参观Mimaki展台的观众将能够看到多种解决方案,包括Tiger-1800B MkII,该产品每小时可打印高达385平方米的作品,并可覆盖广泛的范围,从样品制作到中短版打印,在1,200dpi打印模式下使用,还可提高打印质量。

A set of Mimaki’s unique Core Technologies has also been added to the machine. Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS) minimises banding and colour shifting by spreading the edge of the pass, making the boundary area a gradation, resulting in a smoother printed image. Mimaki’s proven Nozzle Checking Unit (NCU) and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) is also incorporated in these new printers, enabling continuous high-quality printing even if nozzle errors occur.


Mimaki is also making available an extensive line-up of optional devices to meet just about every fabric and transfer paper printing need. These include a feeding unit for roll media equipped with a centering device and tension bar; a jumbo roll unit to enable printing of long-length roll fabric or heat transfer paper; and drying and winding or pleating options for printed fabrics.


 At FESPA 2018, the Tiger-1800B MkII is being shown in combination with the jumbo roll of Mimaki Vision Jet-X sublimation transfer paper. Available in 1,620 and 1,830mm widths, the Mimaki Vision Jet-X is lightweight (57g/sqm), but suitable for producing almost everything from sports apparel, flags and banners requiring a high density of ink deposition to fashion and home fabrics with less ink coverage. It yields stable paper feeding and printing, preventing shrinkage and mis-registration of paper.

在 2018 FESPA展会上,Tiger-1800B MkII将与Mimaki Vision Jet-X热升华转印纸的大卷相相结合。其中,Mimaki Vision Jet-X采用1,620和1,830毫米的宽度,重量轻(57克/平方米),适用于生产的所有产品,从运动服饰到需要高密度墨水沉淀的旗帜和横幅,到时尚家用的织物,它都可以稳定地进纸和打印,防止收缩和纸张错位。

Mimaki’s experts are on hand to answer questions and to demonstrate to visitors just how easy and profitable it can be to enter the digital textile printing market, both for those new to textiles and those wishing to add digital printing as a complement to existing traditional textile printing methodologies.





EFI is unveiling its next-generation hybrid flatbed/roll platform technology, the EFI VUTEk h series printers, which are built from the ground up to offer higher quality, more capabilities and better productivity, at this year’s FESPA Global Expo in Berlin, where it is showing on Stand B.30, Hall 2.2.

EFI在今年的FESPA全球展览会上推出了新一代混合平板/卷筒平台技术EFI VUTEk h系列打印机,该打印机能提供高质量,多功能和高生产力。

Visitors to the EFI stand will also be able to discover the launch of a breakthrough industrial textile pigment ink technology for direct-to-textile production. The new EFI Reggiani pigment ink technology provides users with a faster, environmentally friendly production process with inline polymerisation that requires less water, less energy and less processing time, with no washing or steaming needed.

在EFI的展台上,参观者发现了一种突破性的墨水技术,以实现直接的纺织生产。新型EFI Reggiani墨水技术为用户提供了一种更快、更环保的生产工艺,在线聚合需要的水、能源、处处理时间都变得更少了,并且无需清洗。

In addition, the ink’s excellent fastness properties and high printability sharpness will facilitate printing on to a wide range of fabrics with the fine-detail designs. The new pigment textile technology completes the wide range of innovations EFI Reggiani has presented over the past year, with new products including the FLEXY digital printer launched at last year’s FESPA show and the brand-new EFI Reggiani COLORS printer launched last month.

此外,油墨的优异牢度性能和高适印性能将有助于设备打印精细细节设计而成的各种织物。这种技术延伸了EFI Reggiani在过去一年中,推出的众多创新产品,其中包括在去年FESPA展会上推出的FLEXY数字打印机,以及上个月推出的全新EFI Reggiani COLORS打印机。

Other new innovations on the EFI stand include the EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i, an aqueous soft signage printer that combines high-quality imaging with efficient, in-line fixation for fast, all-in-one fabric soft signage production. FESPA attendees will also witness the next generation in digital print job management with version 7 of EFI’s Fiery wide- and superwide-format production digital front ends (DFEs) and updated Fiery Command WorkStation software. Together, these two products help unify production operations by providing users with the ability to manage cut-sheet, continuous-feed, wide-format, and superwide-format digital print devices from a single user interface (UI).

在EFI展台上,其他新创产品包括EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i,这是一款水质软标牌打印机,它将高质量成像与一体式织物软标牌生产的高效、在线固定相结合。另外,EFI Fiery宽幅和超宽幅数字前端(DFE)版本7和更新的Fiery Command WorkStation数字打印软件中的新一代产品也聚集了现场观众的目光,它为用户提供从单一用户界面(UI)管理单张纸、连续进纸,以及宽幅和超宽幅数字打印设备的能力,这两款产品共同协助了生产的操作过程。

The new VUTEk h series of 3.2-metre wide hybrid LED printers launching at FESPA is the culmination of EFI’s decades of experience in sign and graphics production technologies as a leading manufacturer and developer of UV and LED inkjet superwide-format printers and inks. The printers’ new, high-velocity 7-picolitre UltraDrop Technology greyscale printhead imaging delivers precision dot placement and consistency from print to print at high production speeds. The printers offer four- and eight-colour printing modes, plus white, as well as five-layer print capability in a single pass.

作为LED—UV喷墨超宽幅打印机和墨水的领先制造商和开发商,FESPA上推出的全新3.2英寸宽混合LED打印机VUTEk h系列是EFI在标牌和图形制作技术领域中数十年的经验与结晶,这些打印机能提供四色和八色的打印模式,再加上白色打印,能一次打印五层。加上新型高速7-picolitre UltraDrop技术的灰度打印头与成像技术,可以在高速生产时,实现高精度网点布局的一致性。

The new VUTEk h3 model on display at FESPA offers maximum throughput of up to 74 boards per hour. The h5 model, which is available direct from EFI or as field upgrade to the h3 model, can produce up to 109 boards per hour.

FESPA展出的新型VUTEk h3每小时可提供最多74个板卡的吞吐量,h5型号是h3型号的升级版本,每小时可生产多达109个电路板。

The new EFI Reggiani pigment inks are based on an innovative new binder technology. The inks react to EFI Reggiani printers’ on-board dryers, which set off a unique in-line polymerisation process for faster, greener printing that requires fewer steps than other digital industrial inkjet textile systems.

新的EFI Reggiani墨水基于创新的粘合剂技术,在EFI Reggiani打印机的干燥机上产生反应,引发一种独特的在线聚合工艺,以实现更快速、更环保的打印,与其他数字工业喷墨纺织系统相比,所需的步骤更少。

The new pigment textile solution extends the outstanding range of EFI Reggiani innovations presented during the last 12 months, including the EFI Reggiani FLEXY launched at last year’s FESPA, and most recently, the EFI Reggiani COLORS – a breakthrough printer offering up to 12 colours that brings new creativity to the industry with unmatched printing quality and uniformity, an extended colour gamut, superior colour depth and increased penetration into fabric.

新墨水的解决方案延续了过去12个月内出现的EFI Reggiani创新产品,包括去年FESPA上推出的EFI Reggiani FLEXY,以及最近推出的突破性打印机EFI Reggiani COLORS ,新型墨水有效地提供多达12种颜色,具有无与伦比的打印质量和均匀性,更宽的色域,更出色的色彩深度和更高的织物渗透率,为业界带来了新的创意。

EFI Reggiani printers are part of a complete EFI Ecosystem mini-factory application being shown at FESPA. The design process of the EFI Ecosystem starts with EFI Optitex, a technology innovator in the field of 2D/3D software. The cutting-edge digital solutions offered by EFI Optitex enable brands to optimise their workflow and create patterns in the digital sphere, ultimately saving time, money and textile, which places EFI Optitex’s clients at the forefront of the textile industry.

EFI Reggiani打印机是FESPA上EFI Ecosystem微型应用程序的一部分, EFI生态系统的设计过程始于2D / 3D软件领域的技术创新者EFI Optitex,EFI Optitex提供的尖端数字解决方案使优化了品牌能的工作流程,并在数字领域创建模式,节省了时间与物质投资,这使EFI Optitex的客户走在了这个行业的前端。

Once a virtual product pattern is complete, EFI’s Fiery DesignPro software – a series of plug-in applications for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop – combines technologies for efficient textile design and file preparation with the Fiery proServer DFE for professional colour management and high-quality RIP output on EFI Reggiani digital printers.

一旦虚拟产品模式完成,EFI的Fiery DesignPro软件,以及Adobe Illustrator和Adobe Photoshop的一系列插件应用程序,将用于高效纺织品设计,专业的色彩管理和高品质RIP的Fiery proServer DFE相结合,为EFI Reggiani数字打印机的输出增添光彩。

Efficient, high-quality production in the EFI Ecosystem for textile at FESPA takes place on the EFI Reggiani FLEXY, a versatile printer that handles a wide variety of fabrics, from knitted and woven to low- and high-stretch materials. The tightly integrated mini-factory gives textile producers a smoother, coherent, production-aware workflow by connecting EFI technologies, as well as key workflow and cut-and-sew solutions from other leading vendors for true end-to-end productivity.

EFI Reggiani FLEXY是一种多功能打印机,可处理各种面料,包括针织和机织面料,以及低弹力和高弹性材料。紧密集成的工厂通过连接EFI技术,以及来自其他领先供应商的解决方案,为纺织品生产商提供了一个更加流畅、连贯、有生产意识的工作流程,以实现真正端到端的生产力。

Show attendees visiting EFI also can experience EFI’s 360-degree, interactive virtual reality (VR) demonstrations of the EFI VUTEk HS125 Pro hybrid inkjet press and EFI’s single-pass corrugated packaging press, the EFI Nozomi C18000. The ultra-high-speed (75-linear metres per minute) Nozomi press has multiple installations worldwide and is used to drive digital efficiencies in digital packaging production at some of the world’s leading corrugated board converters. EFI Nozomi is also is one of the key highlights of the FESPA multi-vendor Digital Corrugated Experience in hall 5.2. High-quality Nozomi-printed packages and displays and a showcase of EFI’s unique and comprehensive EFI Corrugated Packaging Suite workflow offering are part of the exhibit.

EFI Nozomi是FESPA展会上主要的亮点之一,在展位上,观众可以体验EFI的EFI VUTEk HS125 Pro混合喷墨打印机和单程瓦楞包装印刷机EFI Nozomi C18000的360度互动虚拟现实(VR)演示。超高速(每分钟75线性米)Nozomi印刷机在全球范围内进行多项安装,用于在一些领先的瓦楞纸板转换器中提高数字生产效率。

In addition to the new products being launched at FESPA, attendees can also see where productivity meets quality and versatility with the VUTEk 3r, the most technically advanced three-metre LED high-volume roll-to-roll printer in its class. EFI’s exhibit also features the EFI Midmarket Suite for end-to-end signage and graphics production printing management and MarketDirect, EFI’s new customer communication platform software.

除了在FESPA上推出的新产品外,用户还可以通过VUTEk 3r了解生产力和多功能性,这款产品是同类产品中技术最先进的大容量卷对卷打印机。其他展品还包括用于端到端标牌和图形制作印刷管理的EFI Midmarket Suite,以及EFI新客户交流平台软件MarketDirect。

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